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Make it Easier for People to Click Your Ads (and Increase Your Income in the Process)

As a blogger, you pour your heart into your design, posts, and brand. You've attracted an audience but you're still not making money from your labor of love. The problem isn't with what you're doing. It’s with how you’re doing it.

Too often, bloggers place ads in headers, footers, or sidebars – the very places people are least likely to click. They're ignored (ever heard of "banner blindness?") and glossed over.

WP In-Post Ads changes that. While you've captivated your audience with your ideas, you can make the subtle nudge to support your efforts by clicking on a link or an ad. The trick? Inserting it directly into your posts.

Now, we know what you're thinking. "Ain't nobody got time to mess with juggling ad codes and risking changes to my formatting and CSS! I'm busy enough as it is!"

You're right! You're absolutely right. That's why we've developed a plug-in that'll do it all for you. No more juggling ad codes. No more worry about wonky formatting. With WP In-Post Ads, your ad codes are automatically and seamlessly inserted into your posts. All you have to do is what you do best – share your best ideas with the world. The income will follow.

Save an Unlimited Number of Ads
There's no limit to how many ad codes you can save from your favorite ad networks, including Google AdSense,, and other self-serve ads. Upload them once and you’re done!
Earn More
On average, WP In-Post Ads users earn more from their blog because this plug-in automatically puts ads where they're most likely to get clicked – directly in your customer's line of sight.
Set It and Forget It
Never worry about forgetting to copy and paste your ads into your post. WP In-Post Ads will automatically insert ads while maintaining the look, feel, and format of your blog posts.
Flexible Display Options
Don't want a certain ad to appear in a specific post? No problem. With the option to customize your settings, you can swap out ads, or change ad locations on a per-post basis. It's easy!

Give Yourself More Freedom to Blog While Earning a Healthy Income

The WP In-Post Ads plug-in is a must-have for any blogger who is eager to make more money from ads without investing more time in formatting, learning CSS, or juggling ad codes. Write. Share. Earn money. WP In-Post Ads makes it that easy.
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